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What is the best way to store gourmet liquid culture?

Liquid cultures and spore solutions are best kept under refrigeration in a sealable bag or container. 

What is the best way to store my spores?

Spore prints, swabs and slides are best kept in a cool dark area, away from any moisture.  Spore solution is best kept at refrigeration temperatures in a sealable bag or container.

How long are spores viable?

Under ideal conditions, spores can be viable up to 30 years!

How do I view spores under a microscope?

To prepare a wet mount, place a single drop of spore solution onto a microscope slide and slowly put the cover slip over top.  Do this part slowly as air bubbles can get trapped and obstruct your view.

Press down gently and use a clean paper towel to absorb the excess liquid.

Start at low magnification, focus and use the stage controls to move the slide and find an area of interest. Switch to 40x and re-focus, then move the objective lens halfway between 40x and 100x so there is room to place a drop of immersion oil over the cover slide.

Finish rotating the objective lens to the 100x. With a 10x ocular lens (eyepiece), this will give you 1000x magnification.

WHERE DO you ship?

Canada and most of the United States.  Unfortunately, law prohibits the sale of Psilocybe spores to California, Idaho and Georgia.

Shipping within Canada only! $10 flat rate! Free Shipping on orders over $150