All spore swabs are carefully made in front of a 99.997% efficient laminar flow hood.  Packages are heat sealed.


At 400x magnification they can be observed, but 1000x magnification will be required to see the spore’s unique features.

A wet mount slide is the most common type of slide preparation for microscope work. Wet mount slides are used to view living organisms, as well as liquid substances of all varieties. The preparation of a wet mount slide includes a microscope slide or depressed slide, a cover slip, and an eye dropper can be useful, but is not required.

To prepare a wet mount slide to view under the microscope, place a single drop of spore solution onto a microscope slide. Spore solution is composed of sterilized distilled water and spores. Slowly put the cover slip over top as air bubbles can get trapped and obstruct the view. Press down gently and use a clean paper towel to absorb the excess liquid.

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